The cert checks out to when the seller says he got it, through a Tristar signing. Pretty sure it's real but would like some more peace of mind.

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It looks pretty solid to me.  If the Tristar hologram checks out, I wouldn’t worry.  It’s no doubt good in that case.  I recently picked up his “rookie” autograph from 2001 before he signed with Tristar.  But it looked good to me, and a very trusted member here thought it was good as well.  So I have peace-of-mind, and you should too.  Congrats!

I checked the hologram number on Tristar’s Website. It’s real, no doubt.

Thanks guys, I was pretty certain it's real but it's always nice to get second opinions from others who are in this hobby. The guy said he got it during the private signing Tristar held after the Patriots last won the Super Bowl, and the cert definitely checks out exactly to that signing.





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