Brian Burkel of MMP Collectibles/ Autograph Collectors Guild now has a new site "Autographs Authentication Store"

Hi All, thought I'd give everyone a heads up.  I have been burned before by MMP Collectibles (run by Brian Burkel).  Was extremely happy to see MMP Collectibles server go down...only to see another shell website of his come up not soon after: 

It is the same forged nonsense that was on MMP.  It looks like he pumps this stuff out on a McDonalds level, all volume.  Don't be fooled like I was and purchase from his store.

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Guy is a major crook.  Go to his site and tell him the FBI is on to him.  Will at least scare the s*** out of him hopefully. 

I'm sorry to hear you bought from him and couldn't get your money back. Please post what you bought, along with receipts, and tell what happened.

I bought a couple of guitar pick guards from him, before doing my due diligence and looking up MMP.

Trying to find out more information on Autographs Authentication Store and who the owners are. Does anyone know for sure? I've read several post about Brian Burkel being involved with Autographs America, MMP, Autographs Collectors Guild, and now Autographs Authentication Store?

Autographs Authentication Store is what Autographs Collectors Guild was renamed. MMP Collectibles was renamed Autographs Collectors Guild.

He keeps renaming his company once he gets enough bad press that it costs him too much business. Most of that bad press comes from here.

I've never seen Burkel offer a genuine autograph for sale at any of this stores, from Autographs America on.




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