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Nice. I have a few but all just the bland U.S. tip-in.  Was jealous of those who got the UK edition.  Now I don't have to be. Also ordered a signed copy of The Creative Act by Rock Rubin in case BAM screws me. 

Thanks Vamanos!

Lol. I have the bland tip-in, plus one with the "Cheers" insription and am hoping this comes with the stamp. I also purchased a Rick Rubin signed edition. 

Thank you! I kept missing this one, but was finally able to place an order.

Available again at Alabama Booksmith


Noted as having possible minor cosmetic flaws

Also back in stock at Waterstones. Original link above.

The thread labove literally says that.  But I was posting the Alabama seller because

1) Waterstones is limit 1

2) Waterstones is horribly backed up on shipping times and is often somewhat careless with packaging.

3) Waterstones is expensive for shipping to the U.S. 

The point of the post was to provide alternatives in an area where almost all sellers are sold out. 

Thanks, I was hoping these would come back in stock. I wanted an extra copy with the Cheers inscription. (BTW these are limit 1 too)

Looks like Alabama Booksmith is dead again.  Although they keep getting small intermittent restocks.  So they may not be all dead-just mostly dead-which is slightly alive.

Back again.

Thank you for the heads up, was able to grab one for a friend. Much appreciated. 

The Waterstones copy which I ordered at the end of December doesn't have the "Cheers" inscription (see attached) . Anyway - I am happy to have a backup for my pricey Rough Trade copy. It's also signed with a blue pen.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Actually your post was about the Alabama Booksmith.  The Waterstones link hasn't always been in stock as far as I know.  Instead of listing the reasons why you don't like Waterstones, just don't respond.  This forum is to help people with opportunities to buy autographs, that is why I noted that Waterstones books were back in stock.



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