Brian Wilson & Van Dyke Parks - Signed Vinyl - $250

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Looks good to me but welcome opinions

100% legit. Looks awesome, too!

Thanks, looks awesome in person.  Very pleased, been waiting long time for a legit BW without going on secondary. 

Looks like they’re still available if anyone was holding out until they saw one.

Nice piece! I really like the album cover as it looks like a fine piece of art (probably painted by Wilson) so it would look great on the wall. I may pull the trigger on this. How much do Wilson’s usually go for? I actually like Van Dyke Parks too as he worked with U2 before.

Orange Crate Art is a really cool album. Nice that VDP and Brian reunited post-Smile. Having these 2 autographs together on this item is what makes it so special and why it's worth more than something just signed by Brian. I think the price is justified considering it's a vinyl and signed by both.

Thanks, it’s really nice…the album cover itself and record sleeves have a really nice feel/texture- not a standard glossy or whatever and not like the cheapest cardboard. 

As a longtime Beach Boys fan, I was kind of holding out for Pet Sounds or Smile but like you said, it’s very neat to have VDP on anything same as Brian and this is very cool IMO. 

Looks really nice, I'm afraid the shipping and import costs to the UK might be a bit too expensive for me though.

Well that exceeded expectations. Nice item.

Thanks, agreed…definitely understand concerns given prior use of autopen/assistants, ability to sign any mass amounts, and fact it was not promoted on BW site or Twitter (agree that’s odd for him).

Regardless, happy it came through…shipped almost immediately so they must have been signed and ready. 

This is legit, and also is not so old, maybe some 10 years? I got items that Brian signed for me and they are quite the same 

Very nice Matt. Good acquisition.

Thanks James, I appreciate it!

BW is one of reasons I’m interested in music, going back to when I was a kid. Somehow missed out on prior opportunities to get his sig and was about to spring for a meet and greet package to get a legit one when COVID hit.

Glad this came around and thanks again to OP for making my year so far lol…


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