Bruce Lee Genuine Signed Photos- Do They Exist? Are they Autopens?

I am hoping for opinions from feedback from all the Bruce Lee collectors out there- did Bruce actually autograph any photos?  I have heard that he signed a few 2.5x3.5" photos for the Green Hornet series in 1966-67.  All the examples I have seen are in my opinion autopens.  Here is a recent example of one sold on eBay last week and now pre-certified PSA on R&R auctions:

Looking closely at the end of the words, there appear to be little "dots" that I interpret as an autopen- am I overanalyzing this?

Here is another example that appears to be more obviously an autopen, in which the signature has faded substantially which makes it more easy to detect:

I have other potential autopen examples I can post, but what are your thoughts on these 2 items specifically and overall if you think any legitimate signed Bruce photos are out there.

Thanks everyone!

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The two signed photos in your scan appear authentic. The signatures are different and the first appears the ink has faded over time and probably due to exposure to light. Bruce did sign photos, but mostly documents and pages.

Thanks for the feedback Richard- I agree they both look good, but I have become slightly paranoid buying any Bruce Lee signed items due to the number of amazing fakes that have been hitting the market recently.

Anyone else have any thoughts on the authenticity of these 2 autographs?



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