Hi everyone!

Would appreciate your help with this Bruce Springsteen autograph. Do you think it's good or bad?

Thanks for helping!

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In my opinion good, as long as it's not pre-printed

Looks good at first glance

Thank you Robert and Bruce, your help is much appreciated!

I will try to get some more info from the seller.
The seller didn't have much info. He said that he traded for this from an american collector (for an Metallica autograph) in approx 2006/2007. If he remembered correctly it were obtained by the US collector in a meet-and-great with Springsteen.

Don't know if that info helps...
It looks good to me too!
Thanks Richard, it's great to have friend like you that's always willing to help! :-)
Always welcome my friend!
Anyone else? All help are much appreciated!

Good, and an example of exceptional legibility.

Jan, I took a second look at this signature and I mentioned earlier to make sure this isn't a preprint. Did you notice how straight the line is in the letter B? and the ink missing right above it. Kind of strange you can put a ruler on it.
I have asked the seller and according to him it's not a preprint.

But I agree with you regarding that it's a really straight line in the B and the missing ink...
Thanks Mr Steffman!!



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