For a limited time you can get a personally signed copy with your own dedication etc from banquet in the UK and its a limited ice colour lp 


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Thanks! Glad I grabbed it this morning when I saw your post, as it's now sold out. I usually take a day to think of a good personalisation.

They did some instore signings at banquet in london and at around 4 or five shops around the UK but factor in train tickets etc i think the £2 postage is well worth it,i did try think of something cool for the personalisation but ended up with a pretty bog standard one but should still look great for £23 all in  

Mine shipped already! They must have done the signing yesterday, that's probably why they sold out.

yes they did an instore signing yesterday at banquet records so they probably had ours in a pile of lps for them to sign there ,good news on the quick post fingers crossed the posties look after the packages 


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