Bundles of Badass New Pressing of John Carpenter's Score for Last Year's New Halloween Flick

I wish I'd got this on here sooner for any of ya'll who are into this kind of thing, as the vinyl package, which was a bit pricey, has already sold out.  But the more reasonably priced CD assortment is still available--jump on it!

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Cool !  Thanks !! Besides, very nice T-Shirt, pity Halloween is over...

I happened to pop in for a look around in Carpenter's store just now, for the first time since fall, so no idea when it happened, but as of this moment--though the price is the same as before, i.e. a little bit high--that sweet signed vinyl repress bundle is back in stock.

Sorry, here's the link for you this time (he parted ways with Revolve at some point in the last few months and is working with Blixt now instead):

Considering John usually charges $70 at shows for an autograph, this is actually pretty reasonable and you get some swag

Word.  At the Palladium show in '18, I wound up splurging on signed copies both of one of the also-badass earlier pressings of this album and of that night's poster, and I feel like at least one or the other of those might've gone me 50 or 60.  Though, even if it did, that's, at least from my perspective, still a bit steep.  Maybe a bit more than a bit...?

Yet, as some random dude in the crowd that night loudly and astutely pointed out to John, with flawless timing in a moment of between-pieces silence--so that just about everyone in the house could hear it and seemed to grin and laugh in total agreement--John is a badmotherf*cker.

And so it's like, What are you gonna do, you know?  Given the precise accuracy of said random guy's assessment, the point in his career that John's at now, and the heinous thought of a life without his work available to us all--certain allowances are made.



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