I'm wondering if anyone could help me authenticate this Marc Chagall Lithograph? From my research it would appear to be the Jerusalem Windows Tribe of Issachar lithograph. In the bottom left corner it is marked H.C. for Hors Commerce "Not for sale" and then signed in the bottom right. I've found that there were 150 numbered pieces 1 - 150, another 150 in Roman Numerals and 10 artist proofs. The colour of the other pieces I've seen are different than mine (all others I've seen are green). I'm wondering if this was an early proof that he later changed before the final work was complete or is it a fake? The signature is extremely close to others I've seen with the exception that he hasn't underlined his name. I have seen a few examples in my research showing his signature without the underlining at the end of the last L.

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That's a good suggestion. Thanks for your interest and assistance

the flow of the sig on yours  looks all wrong;- here are a couple that are genuine imo and one of them is from  another hebrew one

Thanks Michelle. I absolutely agree that there are differences. Mine almost looks like a slow motion, methodical attempt to replicate. He does seem to alter his signatures though but I do think it's looking more and more like a fake. I had found one site in my research that showed his signature year by year and in the 60s when mine would have been done he was underlining his name but in earlier works he wasn't

I wouldnt worry so much about the underlining, as I have seen examples of his without the underlining but unfortunately I would worry more about the size, placement and flow of yours

Thanks Michelle. Like you've just said about the flow, placement etc. I'm sure there's a reason Christie's rejected it. They had sold 2 others of the same lithograph, one in England and one in NY and they sold for 13k us and 6k British pounds.

yep a  that would be about the right hammer  price altho Christies, surprisingly can often get things wrong

Hmm this is an odd one. It looks really broken up to me. Also he usually has some type of underline that goes through the bottom part of his g. Also as far as flow goes it just looks slowly signed to me especially the first part of the last name. This is all IMHO of course.

The OP's signature looks drawn.

I saw this signed on TV on Fake or Fortune, thought you all might like to see. Click for full image:

There was a second set of signatures also done on camera with a brush - click for full image. A second pencil signature with notation can be partially seen as well:



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