Can anyone help? Who is this? In a collection of writers.

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Hi Herman, that seems unusual in that the most ink is laid down in the signature. As such it struck me as a joke with the inscription? Cordially is misspelled? Then again Shakespeare used that word in Romeo and Juliet. The inscription is in a different ink?


Look at the "A" in "As" and the "A' in the signature. Both in the same ink. I do not think "Cordially" is misspelled. The second "l" quickly becomes the final "y". The autograph collection was formed by "Stephen" from the 1950s through the early 1990s.

Could AREH OBOLED, all in caps, be an anagram?


I noticed that and considered this. Not sure. 

Arch Oboler?

Probably. All I've been able to find online are checks filled out and signed by him.

Of course, his check signature is not even close to what I have.

But, his "S" in "Shakespeare" and in "Said," and "r" in "Shakespeare" and "Cordially" and "p" and "r" in "Shakespeare" are formed the same way as the "S" and "r" I found in checks on eBay when he wrote "Sartouche."

The "p" and "r" in "Apr." His "O" in "Oboler" (which I thought was "Oboled") is almost an identical match to his "O" in "One" in a check with a small circle within the large circle "O".

Now I have to find out if noted playwright Arch Oboler ever answered any other autograph requests this way.

Thanks for replying.

I first thought that too but then I realized that all the other letters in the signature are in caps.

Very odd indeed 

These names/words don't click with anything/anyone in ancestral meaning or Gaelic or Greek definitions. 

In other words .. Not connected in any way shape or form that I can find any association with..

Maybe a made up cult name or reference 

Thats all I can figure 

Its just weird. The letters seem clear enough, but deciphering isn't 

ARCH OBELER (playwright) seems correct though 

Thanks for your comment.  I'll do a little more research, but I think it is probably Arch Obeler.

Hi mr darvick, I was hoping you could look at this. Found in my grandpas estate. I posted 3 pics to the original post in the authentication section here




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