Can anyone read Japanese Kanji? Translation needed. Thank you.


Hoping someone can translate this for me:

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My wife is Japanese. She’s working right now, but I sent anyway. Ill let you know if/when she responds.

Thank you so much! :)

On the right it says Hiroshima. On the left Genbaku Dome “atomic bomb dome”

It is a memorial site.広島原爆ドーム&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari

Thank you Michael. It an Omamori C. 1955. Omamori are a type of good luck charm sold in Japan at Shinto shrines and Bhuddhist temples. They are said to provide good fortune, health, wealth, peace, love, academic or other success, virility, fertility, protection or happiness.  They may depict or refer to everyday mundane matters but are regarded as ritually scared and are said to hold Busshin (spiritual offshoots) in a Shinto context or Kesshin (spiritual manifestations) in a Buddhist context. Omamori are sometimes hung on trees or from eaves within the shrine or temple or sometimes displayed at home in a butsudan or a tokonoma alcove. There were three temples very near the northwestern corner of the Genbaku Dome and I am hoping to learn which this might have come from.

Thank you,


Hi Eric,

If no answers here. Post it on

That's a asian art forum. There is a member named Nagy. He is very excellent with deciphering Japanese etc.

I contribute there a lot also but not with Japanese calligraphy.



Thank you Mark,

I've posted it there. It appears an excellent resource so I appreciate it.

Best wishes,




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