Can anyone verify if this is real or fake Harrison Ford autograph?

Is this a real Harrison Ford autograph?

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Holy......when's that?

End of the year, probably around December. Save your pennies, it's not cheap.

How's it work do you guys have like a send in thing?Still learning the in and outs on this site lol! Give me a ballpark so I can save please sir I know he's expensive like $1k on Topps Star Wars authentics! Sorry I know I ask a lot of questions but how do I keep up on that kind of news on here? Is there some link or newsletter or something?

Pricing hasn't been released yet, but if it remains the same, that photo would cost $1275.

Is Global worse than

Global is probably the worst authentication company out there.

GFA is far worse than Global. I've seen some autographs I thought were real that were certified by Global. I've seen one that I thought had a CHANCE of being real certified by GFA.

(Global, feel free to use this as a testimonial.)

Global came back and said the Harrison autograph is most likely not genuine. is a legitimate company; part of Fanatics. They mostly consign inventory, non-exclusively, meaning that the owners can offer it for sale on other sites.

Because of that, you'll often pay more at, though, and you may be able to find the exact same item offered for less by the consigning dealer from their own site or eBay account.

They don't screen consignments as carefully as I think they should, so you want to verify what you're considering. But if you only buy things certified by industry respected authenticators and private signing companies you should be OK.

They offer a meaningful lifetime guarantee of authenticity and don't make you go through hoops, so if they make a mistake you can get a refund.

Here's Globals response:Formation / flow etc is not even close to what our staff considers even his street graphs to be although he is very sloppy at times. Our staff has examined your submitted example of a Harrison Ford signed photo and in our professional opinion this example is likely not genuine.

Global is a terrible authenticator, however, if I was a professional authenticator, I would not certify that piece either. Like I said in my original response, its very likely that Ford scribbled it in a crowd, but can it be reliably authenticated? No. That's why the value is very low.

In spite of it being sloppy, the autograph contains a few typical characteristics.  Did JSA offer an opinion?



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