Does anybody know if you can applied something to an autograph to protect it before it gets damage?

My Question is really two fold,

(1st- I have collected alot of autographs from Sharpies on Plastic tops of light tables, I see now that the lights from the light tables are starting to fade the art work (also made with Sharpies) that was drawn from underneath. I was hoping I could find something to spray on both sides (art work and autographed side) to stop any further fading and protect from any other damage that might happen. I have already tested some clear paint on a test item which made the Sharpie Ink run.

(2nd- I have Collected alot of Autographs on diecast cars, some diecast with multi- autographs on them, mostly with Sharpies, as the same as#1, does anybody know if I can apply something on to the autograph on diecast to protect from any damage that might be done such as rubbing or fading?

I Hope Someone That Knows Autographs Has The Answer, Thank You Very Much For Reading and Happy Collectting!!!!!     Fred

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My personal experience is it can be a gamble.  The only thing I can think of would be to use a clear coating similar to what is put on my custom airbrushed guitars.  The problem is if you use the wrong kind it could make the signatures bleed.  You have a variety of different markers from different years used.  To do it right you're best hiring a professional airbrush artist to do them for you but it's certainly not going to be cost effective.  They sell over the counter type clears and you can buy a glue spray to seal the signatures but again, each of those steps would need to be done with extreme caution.  Too much glue spray and you'll create imperfections, the wrong clear and your signatures bleed.   Best advice I could give you is to put these in a sealed LOCKED case  In the end, keep your dirty mitts off em and keep out of direct light. :)

Thanks Very Much for your advise Michael Kasmar!!! I agree, I hardly ever touch the autographed diecast, but to take photos of them. The items I am mostly worried about are the autographed light tables, light Boxes, that you dont get the full visual affect of seeing if the lights are turn off, but every time you turn on the lights, you know that the lights are doing some fading on the art work underneath, and maybe the autographs on top. I will do some more experiments with the clear coats. Thanks Again, Fred

Personally I would not apply or spray anything over the ink itself.  There are possible long term effects of possible crazing or lifting.  Having been a professional museum director for over 30 years the first rule is do not do anything that cannot easily be reversed.  For all practical purposes anything that is applied or sprayed on will be permanent.  All light will eventually effect the pigments in ink some more so than others. UV filtered glass will provide some protection but you need to be careful about that also if placed directly on the object. 

Thank You Scott Paul,

I think that I am not going to touch the autographs, but I was hoping to find a product to spray on the art work side of the light table, so it does not to fade. I guess I could refreshen up the art work myself, but all the art work was done by me about 15 - 20 years ago and my hands and my patiences arn't as study as they once were.

Thanks Again,   Fred



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