Frank Caiazzo did a fantastic Beatles autograph study for Autograph (then Autograph Collector) in October and November of 1995. Unlike so many autograph studies, none of the ones called genuine are not considered real today. That says worlds about Frank.

Part I was posted on a few years ago, but with the original faxed B&W images that were published in the magazine. It's hard to tell the nuances of the autographs from scans, so....

Let's find images of the same autographs! It'll make the study even more valuable.

There they are:

When you post one, please say where you found it if you know, and a post a link if there is one. 

Let's go find them!

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Late '62. From BeatleBay.

Where are the rest, Ballroom? You're falling down on the job.

Sorry, the rest are in my collection and aren't available for viewing.

Dang...I was afraid that.

Well that was a poor discussion!
In future Beatles collectors should keep their autographs to themselves!!!
I personally wouldnt share any Beatles graphs in the future, that i buy because, no one else really puts their graphs up for scrutiny. Avoid!!!



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