just saw this and think I'll pass since i know she was autopen in the past but if anyone wants to try 

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Seems out of stock 

well, that was fast, I had a couple in the cart and changed my mind but they were in stock when I posted. I wonder if they posted it too soon and took it down. might want to keep an eye on it just in case

Maybe! There wasn’t even a picture for it lol

Sold out! Really wanted one of these

sold out checking out.... not that bothered after my Signed Order last year arrived not signed

Seems too good to be true for only 3 bucks. Probably is auto pen 

I dont have red card. Was nonchalantly looking for more stuff to get free shipping cuz I'm 99% sure this would be a return and it went out of stock.. made me realize I dont care either way. 10 years ago, I would be crazy over a mariah autograph.. now, not so much

yeah I see now it says pre-orders sold out and to check back on the release date which is Dec. 3rd so they may be adding more, for that price I would expect autopen though since she's done it before.

Worth the risk for $3. I received a good Mariah from the last batch & am hoping lightning strikes twice.

I agree! The last item aside, she has always hand signed in the past on these types of items (the last Christmas album & her 2014 album - all were real) 

Good find. My last Mc singles were legit ones, so I think I will give this a try on December 3rd.

Now says sold out, anyone saw a restock at all?



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