just saw this and think I'll pass since i know she was autopen in the past but if anyone wants to try 

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No, I saw that it said check back on december 3rd too. maybe later today?

I'm still checking these but nothing yet, I have seen a couple of people post that anyone the ordered 2 or more had their orders changed to 1, you know that people were probable ordering 10 to 20 of these since they were only $2.99, so if that is true then it seems like there should be a restock eventually. but who knows

I collect Mariah primarily - I have seen from some of the reliable Twitter fan pages everyone had their order cancelled as this was never meant to be put up and was done so in error!

Yes, I guess it doesn't matter if they all got cancelled but I still can't believe that I am the one that posted this and for some reason passed on ordering any because I remember complaints about an autopen Christmas cd. I guess it was early and I wasn't thinking because $2.99 is worth it every time even for a chance at a real Mariah autograph lol

Haha thank you for posting it! Yes it’s always worth the risk at $3 - can just get a refund if it turned out to be auto pen!

Yeah, I was just wondering if it's possible that the company realized they were sent Auto pen again and just decided to cancel them rather than go through the headache of returns and pissed-off customers again. it's hard to believe they were never meant to be offered since someone set up that page to sell them.

Apparently it wasn’t target themselves that listed them but a third party. I don’t know how target works because I’m from the U.K. so not sure if there’s truth in that!

Yeah, I don't know either, and I don't remember who posted about those of us who spend so much time looking for this stuff but they are so right. I've kept this one open in a separate window and must have refreshed the page several hundred times in the last few days lol. hunting down the next big find does become an addiction and you do need to step back from it once in a while, even if you have the time as I do. I need to run some errands and found myself thinking I didn't want to leave because I might miss something. i need help lol

I was able to order 1 of these during the presale. I just received a shipping notification. Will report back if it's anything worthwhile.


Let us know how it turns out

Some of these are popping up on eBay today!

Mine hasn't arrived yet. I'm assuming tomorrow or Thursday.

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