Hey,  I bought this Carrie Fisher autogragh and it has some creases to it I'm wondering if there is a way to remove or lessen the creases in the photo?  I have tried sending it in to be linen backed but because it is a photo paper it can't be done.  I'm weighting it down in two pieces of cardboard for protection then between the cardboard wood then weighted it done,  That seems to have helped it quite a bit.

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Was this disclosed in the decsription?

Oh yeah it was oops I should have mention that!  I just wanted to see if I could lessen the creases  

I would never buy a problematic item in the hopes of altering it. Buy it as you want it. I certainly hope you paid a discounted price but that fades - wrinkles remain.

I have had success when neccessary with two 12x12 tiles of polished marble. Put the photo in a archival sleeve in a manila folder (Not the kind with that metal thing, a regular folder) and then place that between the marble and add weight evenly and wait a few years. But that was not for a dent that scale. Don't put an SP against that rippled cardboard. as you've shown. The cardboard is loaded with acid and sulphur and you'll wind up with a ripple pattern from the cardboard. 

It is best to avoid problems before you own them.

I have had items where I've left them weighted down for days or had them in folders with others for a while and the majority of creases disappear but you tend to sttill have a few left

Well thanks for all the advice guys I'll remove it out of the cardboard and cross your fingers I can get it flat



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