Book "Peace Train" (Signed First Edition) by Cat Stevens, Peter H. Reynolds (Illustrator)
In the store there is only a small note: Limited number of signed first editions available.
(in the shopping cart there is a note that it is signed). Shipping to US and Canada

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This site lists it as only signed by the illustrator:

This site lists it as double signed: (but the first site says you get two signed tickets from the illustrator - so maybe double signed means you get two from the illustrator?)

I am skeptical these will be signed by Cat Stevens, but maybe worth a shot regardless.

If you try to order at vjbooks it is "currently out of stock", but they write "signed by both authors"

Yeah, I mean I'm not missing an opportunity to get a Cat Stevens autograph, so Im ordering, and appreciate your link very much. Fingers crossed!

The VJ books one has been out of stock for weeks I’ve been trying to add one to cart multiple times a day with no luck, the one at rivers end you have to go into “signed editions” and add one to cart from that page for it to show that it’s signed in the cart. Hopefully signed by Yusuf/Cat Stevens and not just the illustrator but worth a chance. One of my all time favorites. 

Ordered from rivers end and then got an email saying my order was cancelled as they were out of the signed editions. So disappointed. 

Sorry about that! I have not ordered because I am from Germany. They don't have the signed version on their homepage now.

I haven't ordered this book myself because I'm not a fan - but if anyone else is still looking for a signed copy (don't know by who), various independent bookstores in the US have them available for preorder.

Which ones? I can’t find any available other than the dot central which says only the illustrator 

 I sesrched a few independent stores, no luck. Could you kindly PM me some stores you found them in stock? 

Thanks in advance

I would be interested as well

I'd also am interested in finding out which stores, I've searched a couple but couldn't find any signed.

Sorry guys - I know that at least 5 indie bookstores (3 of which showed in-stock yesterday) have offered them (in addition to those already mentioned in this thread), but all of the ones that I was aware of have apparently sold out.

These were spread across several states (NY, MA, DE, RI, NC, CT), so I'm sure other bookshops will be getting them too. Since not every shop keeps their website up to date, my suggestion would just be to keep looking. Some stores post photos/videos on social media when they receive that week's new releases in-store and will often wait until then to mention that they received signed copies. If this is like other releases, most stores only get a handful (~5) if they get any at all.

Also, just for reference, The Dot Central is owned by the illustrator of this book, so I'm guessing that copies from there are only signed by him.



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