We want to make it easier for you to find the autographs you need and to sell what you want to sell.

Saturday we're opening 2 types of categorized private groups:

  • "Wanted" groups where you can post listings with what you need and are ready to buy.
  • "For Sale" groups where you can post listings of autographs and memorabilia for sale.

There will be Wanted and For Sale groups in a most of the popular collecting area to make them even quicker and easier to use.

Not only will there be separate groups for Hollywood, Music, Sports, History, Space and Comics. Hollywood will have a separate group for modern, vintage and SciFi. Music will have separate groups for Modern Music, Classic Rock and The Beatles. Sports will have separate groups for Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Golf, Racing, etc.

You won't have to keep checking groups to see what's new. Each group will let you subscribe to email notifications of new listings in that group. If all you care about is buying classic rock, then you can just sign up for notifications in the Classic Rock Wanted and Classic Rock For Sale groups. Or you can follow all of them if you want. 

The Wanted groups have been configured and are going online in a few minutes. They don't open for viewing or use until Friday but you can request to join the ones you want now.

The For Sale groups are being configured tonight and you can request to join them once they're online too.

I better get back to work!

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This is great news! I look forward it's grand reopening. Sounds like it is going to be a much improved version of the original board.

Great announcement!  Like Joe W. and others, I'm looking forward to it's launch.  Thanks for all of your hard work in making this possible, Steve!

Fantastic Steve!

Great stuff.. Well done Steve

The groups will open Saturday afternoon or evening, not today. We need to be able to authenticate group members to provide more safety. 

With auction houses charging 25-30% commission and Ebay/Paypal raising fees, this will certainly help collectors save money when they buy and sell.  Thanks Steve!

Thanks Steve for taking the time and making the effort!!

very cool thanks

Great news

Thanks Steve



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