We want to make it easier for you to find the autographs you need and to sell what you want to sell.

We're opening 2 types of categorized private groups:

  • "Wanted" groups where you can post listings with what you need and are ready to buy.
  • "For Sale" groups where you can post listings of autographs and memorabilia for sale.

There will be Wanted and For Sale groups in a most of the popular collecting area to make them even quicker and easier to use.

Not only will there be separate groups for Hollywood, Music, Sports, History, Space and Comics. Hollywood will have a separate group for modern, vintage and SciFi. Music will have separate groups for Modern Music, Classic Rock and The Beatles. Sports will have separate groups for Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Golf, Racing, etc.

You won't have to keep checking groups to see what's new. Each group will let you subscribe to email notifications of new listings in that group. If all you care about is buying classic rock, then you can just sign up for notifications in the Classic Rock Wanted and Classic Rock For Sale groups. Or you can follow all of them if you want. 

The Wanted groups have been configured and are going online in a few minutes. They don't open for viewing or use until Friday but you can request to join the ones you want now.

The For Sale groups are being configured tonight and you can request to join them once they're online too.

They'll all have the ol' Buy/Sell/Trade image for starters.

I better get back to work!

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Hi Everyone,

The Wanted and For Sale groups are live but there's still work to do tonight. I have to write the main rules for the For Sale groups, build an area together that presents links to the groups in one place, write instructions and general rules, recruit a monitoring team, add a few more groups like vintage Baseball/Football/Basketball etc.

Since we don't want the Latest Activity stream flooded with 99% posts on buying and selling I first made both groups private. I've decided to make just Wanted groups public and keep For Sale groups private for now and see how it goes.

The Wanted and For Sale groups have taken longer than I expected, mostly because we need to verify group members to reduce fraud and spam and I've had to figure out a system. Sorry for the delay but if we don't do it upfront we'll pay for it later. 

Most members can be verified by us through their Facebook profiles (we won't publish them). Those take priority. Just paste the link to your FB profile in the box of each buy or sell group you want to join, then friend our Facebook page once (https://www.facebook.com/autographlive).

Members who aren't on FB will be verified through text messaging, which we can accept from anywhere. We can verify members that can't do one of those two by PayPal, but that's a last resort. 

This system is different than what's posted in the group information pages right now. I'll be changing it

If it sounds like overkill, I closed the old Buy/Sell/Trade group because while at least 99% of the members were trustworthy, some others weren't and sold "questionable" autographs.

Which reminds me, we're going to need group moderators, so if group members see questionable items offered they can let the moderator know so they can handle it. If you've been an active member here for at least 2 years, have a Facebook account and are interested, please let me know. 

With any luck this will all be cleaned up by the AM.



The first Wanted and For Sale Groups are up and running! There's a Buy & Sell button in the Navbar with dropdowns. Please check them out and LMK your thoughts.

Please apply to join some of the groups you don't belong to and LMK what you think. I'm trying to make it as uncomplicated as possible but it's not easy.

Please review Intro and rules too, and feel free to post.

We'll be adding more groups: separate vintage sports groups, comic groups, and others.



Hey Steve - 

Thank you so much for doing the sale and want groups.  I just joined, looking forward to getting access and buying some good item. 


Same here. I don’t have Facebook so I used my mobile number. Hope I get approved soon. I requested to join quite a few sale/want groups. 

I still haven't quite figured out how to do all of this to get setup.  I don't use Facebook except for some fan sites.  I tried with the mobile number and thought I was in but apparently not.  I must doing something wrong. 

Still waiting to get approved in a few categories. Also noticed not much activity at all in the Buy/Sell groups. I have a few autographs I want to sell but it looks dead in here. 

JMS - I just sent you a friend request.  I am always buying.  Let me know 





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