I'm not sure if this has been done before, but perhaps this can serve to be an updated version if it has.

Many celebrities and musicians are starting to sell autographed items on their websites for a variety of reasons.  This is arguably the best source to obtain authentic autographs at reasonable prices from your favorite celebrity or musician.

The idea here is that we have a running list of celebrities and links to their web stores where they are selling autographed items.  If you know the sale is a limited release, mention this in your post so people know to act accordingly as some sell out in 24 hours or less.

If we keep this list updated, anyone following this thread will get an email with new posts containing new items for sale.  That way they will be able to react in enough time to buy any limited release items.

Hopefully people will find this useful and contribute what they discover in their collecting endeavors!

Notes:  Please keep this limited to official celebrity websites only, no sketchy back alley deals and please include a brief description of the item (Signed CD, Photo, etc) and the price in your posting!

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Hi, thanks for the update guys.  If anyone has any more, please let me know.  I'd also like to contribute Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash   http://jayandsilentbob.com/cbm.html 

Kevin Smith sells autographs for very cheap.  I've ordered two... well one they sent me for free after I released I purchased the wrong poster and asked for a refund and the other, a poster of Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back was only $15.00 and was supposed to just be signed by Kevin Smith.  When I received it, it also had Jason Mews autograph (Jay)!  They've got lots of movie and comic memorabilia for sale, most of it is autographed.


The band Bowling For Soup has an autographed 45 vinyl 7" single for sale on their store website.  Only 2 left.


http://broadwaycares.stores.yahoo.net/ Equity Cares - Broadway fights AIDS-many signed items and the provenance is top notch-Barbara Cook, Kristen Chenowith, Patti La Pone, Betty Buckley and more-also proceeds go to a great cause


Newbury comics website pre selling Justin Hayward (moody blues) signed cds.

I just picked up the new Counting Crows from Newbury with decent autographs by everyone. The music is good too.

Some other good ones up for sale, including Karen O, Kevin Bacon and Minnie Driver.

Banks was selling signed CDs and vinyls in her store but may be sold out again.

With their vast array of signed CD covers, can we be certain that these are signed by the artists themselves?  I hate to be cynical but I am reminded of the Dolly Parton auto-pen cds of last year.  Does Newbury guarantee all their stuff?

Well, their track record seems to be good thus far.  Many members have bought from them, and there haven't really been any that have surfaced as being questionable.  The ones I've purchased all seem to match up perfectly with known in person examples.  The only thing that you might get on occasion are artists who sign a bit sloppily.  For the most part, however, they're quite nice.

To answer your question, I don't think that Newbury has an upfront money back guarantee.  On the other hand, the autographs are generally a freebie as the signed CDs are really no more expensive than purchasing the CD itself anywhere else, except when supplies start to get low and the prices go up.

I bought Boz Scaggs' latest cd from Newbury because it's the best thing he's done in years.

It came with a "signed" cd cover consisting of the initials "BS."

Somehow, I found that perfectly appropriate.

Very nice disc, though.

Yeah, there have been a few ugly ones - Regina Spektor, Dolores O'Riorden, Heart all looked scribbled and bad.  Some musicians use a poor choice of marker and sign in the dark area.

However, many are just about pristine.  Dido, Cyndi Lauper, Birdy (younger perfect signature), Kimbra, Alice in Chains, Don Felder, Phil Rudd among others all looked great.

My friend got him in person for me, on an album...and he just initialed BS as well. So, that's apparently how he signs.

One that kinda flew under the radar recently was JB Hi-Fi in Australia selling signed copies of Phil Rudd's (Ac/DC drummer) solo debut.




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