My first interest are signed photos but I've come to like signed checks because you can authenticate them easier and they might provide an insight into the celebrity's life.
It would be nice to hear the opinion of other collectors and if you can share an image of your favorite signed check please do so. I'm attaching ones signed by the Three Stooges' Moe Howard and Lenny Bruce

Irv Gelb


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I love signed checks as they document things about the persons life, date, place and more. I think a babe ruth check from the Boston Red on his sale sold for over $100,ooo. I am trying to attach a Warren Spahn Signed Check I have for sale on ebay. If you go to ebay search box you will find it. My Spahn checks ar from the 1950's scarce very scarce, dated show where he lived in Brooklyn, Ma how much (LOW) his medical visit was.... So you get a rare vintage signature... there are not many signatures of Spah from 1951 around. I buy, sell and welcome trades. I also have several signed checks in my ebay store .... Bill terry, Tony Conigliaro...Happy Collecting ...Jim --- Eddie Van Halen

Here is an Eddie Van Halen check. I think I have a Joe Walsh one too. Gotta dig for it somewhere.....

Here are scans of some of my checks (George Gershwin, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Carter, Albert Clarence Darrow, Jim Morrison):

Here are some of my checks (Marvin Gaye, Sammy Davis Jr, Babe Ruth, Harry Caray, Jackie Robinson, Jacob Ruppert and Edward Barrow, Ty Cobb, Vin Scully, John Wooden, Pete Maravich, Elijah Muhammad, Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Robinson, Clark Gable, Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Lucille Ball, Vince Lombardi, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, Orville Wright, Carlo Gambino, Mark Hopkins, Robert Morris, and Paul Brown):

nice collection! very nice to look at im interested in a steve mcqueen or a bruce lee signed check anybody have one for sale? 

I've never seen a EVH check either!  Very cool link guys!
I have never seen a Bruce check before!  Very nice!

In my collection I have only a few checks.  My favorite would be my hand filled out, and signed check of Rudoplf Valentino.  I think signed checks are great, except those of Elvis Presley.  9 out of 10 offered on the market signed "E.A. Presley" are infact signed by Charlie Hodge when Elvis was alive.  Charlie almost ALWAYS signed Elvis's checks for him.

Has anyone seen fake signed checks?  Signed by husbands, secretaries, or children?
Ive never seen one but I'm sure they exist George.



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