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Hey everyone,

I'm new here so you know. I have a few questions about these two autographs, Natalia Dyer and Chadwick Boseman, and the seller who's dealing them. Any opinions? I can't tell if they're legitimate based on the specific item descriptions.



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Wow, that's some inventory! Seems kind of too good to be true IMO.

I am on the fence with the Natalia one. She has a distinct signature that usually falls into the same sort of pattern. This one doesn't stray too much. I hope someone else can give you a more definite answer on that one.

As for Boseman, I personally don't think it's genuine. The price alone looks off, although I have seen one authenticated by PSA auctioned off at $30. So yeah, not really so sure.

Thanks, Jack.

I wasn't sure, so thanks for your input. I will stay away from these.

The Boseman is a definite forgery IMO as are many other items being sold by this seller. I had a quick look at the Natalia one and this is also not authentic IMO

Thank you Dan.

This seller looks like bad news. I'd avoid.

I will, Rich. Thanks for your time.


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