Hi everyone. Have been lurking for awhile here and have a question please. 

I won a signed Brady jersey at a charity blind auction. I was pretty excited until I found (surprisingly) that it didn’t come with any sort of COA or authentication of any kind. I called the charity - a well known and respected org in NYC - and asked if they had one, because of course I wouldn’t have bid on a high-priced item like this if it didn’t have something. Long story short, they were “gifted” the jersey from someone with ties to his agent and don’t have anything, and have been giving me the runaround since (first contacted about this in Jan). 

I’ve done quite a lot of research online, and the sig doesn’t look right to me. Can someone who knows more than I do please take a look at this for me?  Would be super appreciative as I’m running out of options with this charity, and don’t want to cause drama unless I’m more certain it’s no good. Thanks in advance. 

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I actually think your jersey is very likely authentic.  If you’ve been looking at more recent Brady autographs, you’ve probably seen where almost all of them have a loop at the end of the autograph.  But this hasn’t always been the case.  This autograph has very good flow or speed with which it was signed.  I think this would pass the major authentication companies.

Well that’s a relief, thanks so much for taking the time to opine on this.

Yes, I had been seeing the loop at the end as well as paying attention to how the T and B were constructed. With so many questionable samples out there, it was tough to find something verified as authentic that compared to mine. 

To get this authenticated properly, what would you recommend as my next step if you wouldn’t mind sharing?  Do I need to actually send it somewhere, or can I go somewhere in person (I live in LA now)?

Thanks again, I was feeling pretty down about this. I’ve been chasing this charity and felt bad about that too since it might not have been their fault - everything else I had ever won from auctions with them came with proper COAs. 

You’ll have to send it in to get it properly authenticated.  You’ll want to contact either PSA/DNA, JSA, or BAS (Beckett).  I’m not familiar with where they’re all located.  If any of them are located in LA, of course, you could just take it to them.  Or you could see when there’s going to be a sports memorabilia show in LA.  One or all of them might be be planning to appear at a show in LA. 

Not to stress you out again, but occasionally the TPAs (third-party authenticators) don’t get it right, but I think this should pass.

You might also reach out to Terrier, a very respected member here, for a second opinion.  He’s got some experience with Brady as well, actually even more than me.  More opinions are obviously better.  But I do like yours, and think it’s good.

It does look like his old signature from his younger years.  I would say in the 2003-2004 range from what I've studied.  Good luck!

Doc Holliday

First, Tom Brady's autograph is extremely expensive and every single item is authenticated.  In the future, there should be a corresponding sticker which supports the COA.

We are involved in every single signing and there are authentication companies present.  However they acquired the Jersey, if the provider was legitimate, it would be authenticated.  

All of our items which we provide charities across the country, have been authenticated in person.  If I were you, I would take it to a legitimate authenticator.  Find a local sports store and ask them if JSA or PSA/DNA will be in the area.

I can tell you the wholesale price for an authentic Brady Jersey is near $1,000.00.



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