i got this from my friend who was incarcerated in the SHU with Charles Manson. I have a lock of hair and finger print and want to know if its real and or worth anything.

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OK Woody

Now I wanna know Satan's address for a TTM ;)


I wanna know why would someone write Manson letters?
This is more important

His address? For a TTM? The post office makes that very easy for you, just like they do for letters to Santa, addressing his mail: To Santa - The North Pole, who has a lot of the same letters in his name, not by coincidence I was told!

You want to write to Satan for a TTM, just address it 666, and the post office will see to it that it gets to him. But you'll probably get the standard secretarial with the misplaced pitchfork, sorry to say, just like James and I have on many an occasion for all our efforts.

No. If you want to get an authentic Satan signature, with the properly placed pitchfork, IP is the only way to go so be prepared to go the extra mile.

The best way to get there is to belt tie yourself under a lawyer's car, like Robert DeNiro did to follow Nick Nolte in Cape Fear. All the attorneys have to report in to their boss eventually.

Just wait till you get there and you can get it in person. LOL

Like it is with many celebrities, I think Satan’s autograph style has evolved over time.  If I remember right, it seems like years ago he would substitute a pitchfork where the letter “t” would go.  Plus, the “S” would usually not connect to the “a.”  However, I must say that this newer style is much more legible overall.  Satan is one of the few celebrities who has an autograph where every letter is legible.  

Much like his autograph, Satan is very neat and tidy in his personal life.  He is quite the opposite of a hoarder.  He simply burns anything he no longer has a use for.  As for the neatness of his autograph, Satan says he has no problem with people selling his signature on eBay.  In his mind, Satan believes it’s good to make a deal with the Devil.

I think Satan owns ebay now ;)

or is at least a major share holder

I saw the story on CNN

I think you are probably right about that!  

In dealing with Satan, you have to learn to take the good with the bad. Some of my best deals and some of the worst have been struck with Satan. Which is actually how I wound up married to one of his daughters.


ouch that's hilarious Woody

I dunno if I should laugh with you or cry for you

PS... nice one Rick ;)

Ho ho! Quality, Woody. Satan certainly has a desirable signature - really dig the star-crossed T. 

I don't suppose you got anybody else's whilst you were down there? Any Heads Of State? Nixon, Reagan or Maggie Thatcher's perhaps?

Judge, I was kidding around with Satan about his signature resembling Stan Lee's and kidded me back, "Stan Lee? Stan Lee's a spring-chicken next to me. Everybody is a spring-chicken next to me". And then he turned the nearest guy standing next to him into a chicken and we both laughed! 

Yes, creepy it is!

Kimberly had also wanted to know if this had monetary value.  While I certainly wouldn’t want it, I’m sure there are people out there who would.  Even though Manson was a disgusting, vile creature, he was one of the most notorious criminals in American history.  The combination of Manson’s bizarre persona along with the brutal, savage murder of a celebrity and others put Manson and his “family” right in the spotlight.  He may be the most infamous murderer in US history.  So if Kimberly could prove the lock of hair and fingerprint to be real, this whole set could be worth a fair amount of money.  Law enforcement certainly has Manson’s fingerprint on file.  Plus DNA testing could determine if that is truly Manson’s hair.  Just the letter alone is probably worth a decent amount...if she can find the right buyer.  As for me, I wouldn’t pay one cent for any of it.  



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