i got this from my friend who was incarcerated in the SHU with Charles Manson. I have a lock of hair and finger print and want to know if its real and or worth anything.

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That's an interesting item and thx for showing us Jay

Now I have to ask. How did you aquire this and when did you get it?

I assume he was in prison, because he was on the lamb for god knows how many yrs undetected

I appreciate your honesty Jay

And you are quite correct that a fascination of crime exists among people... based on social media IMO

And explains why so many crime shows and video games and movies focus on this

It's certainly a different 1st world country we live in now than 50 years ago.

The USA has more criminal  bullsh*t to deal with than almost any other country on this planet. 

Some would say get out into the real world and travel and experience life for what it REALLY is

Then and only then will one see how much BS is being shoved down our throats via the news and TV

It's nothing new.

When Bonnie and Clyde were killed in 1934 people were lining up to see the car in which they were shot to death.

When Bell Gunness' house burned back in 1908  , locals took pictures of the farm where she buried her victims. These photos were made into postcards and sold. Other locals scoured the farm for bone fragments that had not been found by the police investigators.They wanted souvenirs .

Shortly after WWII , Nazi memorabilia became collectible items .

Ed Gein , Charles Manson , Richard Speck , etc made the front cover of newspapers and magazines long before social media or the internet was even thought about being conceived.

The grave sites of infamous old west outlaws and gunslingers such as Billy the Kid have to be protected by steel cages - in order to prevent pieces of the graves from being stolen by collectors.

John Gotti letters and signatures sell for 1000 bucks on ebay.

Social media didn't start people collecting these things. It only made them easier to hear about and made the items easier to obtain.

I went to a John Dillinger museum one time many years ago. It just happened to be in the town I was visiting. It was interesting in a weird kind of way.

the average person would go there Joe

mostly because of news media hype and glorification

And I repeat once again, this is why I don't watch the news.
Almost totally lack of intellect, and really full of brain washing BS

Ask any military veteran what they think of the news and that will be a good indicator

As far as I can tell Dillinger and B&C were heroes during the '30s. They robbed banks & banks were seen as the real villians during the crash. They were the Robin Hoods of their time.

There is also great demand for Hitler signed items. The same goes for his cronies.

Reagan? Nixon? In the same serial-killer/mass murderer group with Manson, Hitler, John Wayne Gacey (the "other" John Wayne), Jim Jones, and others of that ilk?


I'm gonna pm you

I wrote to Mr. Bulger as soon as he was arrested. He was in a county jail near Boston. Attached is a photo of the envelope in which the letter was sent.

Attachments (don't post photos as attachments):

you are correct Jay Downs

But the one thing ALL of those scenario's have in common is social media.... and the newspaper and it's writers love to over glorify stories that make "Joe Public" spellbound in awe.

Social media began with the invention of print

And people follow like sheep... hence the term "sheeple"

However, the intelligencia of the times do NOT normally let their minds be infected with such trash. Their minds are used for more progressive and well being matters that drive the better sides of life

A sick animal on a farm is soon put to rest

And they also follow sports heroes as well. And no one questions that.

It all comes down to what it is that every person is paying attention to and takes an interest.

Some of these criminals changed the world. It's history. Would you say that Hitler , Mussolini , or even Manson has had less impact on the way we experience the world than whoever won the Super Bowl whichever year?

Now you are being silly

To compare a game to real life and death scenario's is pure assinine thought

The intention of killing a human can in no way be compared to a leisure sport

The people you mentioned (including Manson) had the mindset of murder and or mass murder 

Of course I understand your stance.... I've spent many years in university studying and being lectured on these very same grounds



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