Looks like the black and grey versions are the oly ones still available as of now.


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When I look at the images, I think it's an art card not a signed vinyl. For $50 I'll pass if that's the case.

Not sure what these have been selling for in the USA but a few  Signed LP Copies have been sold quite a bit cheaper on ebay UK   - (jokingly)  I guess you know they are legit if they are from the artists store (most of the time of course) as long as they haven't got 2 B's in their first name !!

I scored michelle branch new vinyl for $30 when it was selling for $50 on her site.. feels like maybe the same situation 

$14 for shipping.. almost $70 total here in the US.. i like her but yeah, im good with just my art card

I don't like buying on eBay.

Signed books get faked including the sticker (Bono), art cards are faked with barcode (Elton), there's even fake sealed CDs with art card inside (Taylor).

I got the RHCP CD on eBay out of FOMO. It came sealed with all stickers present. Even had some promo stuff from the sale. But still it doesn't feel right.

I don't think it's that bad. If an item was sold officialy on the artist's store, you'll see almost 100% resellers on eBay. Sure there are the occasional fakes, such as for Bono, but these fakes are so obvious.

Honestly I don't like resellers too much, but sometimes out of FOMO I also buy some stuff on eBay.

I believe this will be signed vinyl, as opposed to some sort of art card. She sold them at her shows for $50 as well.

Also worth noting these are selling out pretty quick, which makes it feel less likely this was a print for a mass signing.

I got mine signed in person in April so glad I can pass 

Gray vinyl just arrived. Looks nice overall, but I have to say - I've noticed a bizarre uptick this year in splits at the top of the jacket on vinyl ordered, from a range of companies domestic and abroad. These types of splits certainly aren't unprecedented, but they've been much, much more common for me recently. Maybe it's just a streak of bad luck.


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