Happy New Year 

I have my doubts but I am by no means an expert on a JJ signature. Opinions?

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I would be surprised if this is authentic. The second J in particular looks unusual, as does most of the first name portion.

Thanks Mark. It also did not pass the smell test of a well known authenticators quick assessment service. There are actually two of the same album offered by different sellers, currently live on eBay, and purportedly signed by JJ. Both likely not in the hand of JJ. She is getting hard for me to tie down in terms of an authentic signature. I live in hope! Thanks again 

I think the other one is clearly fake. Did you see the signature cut from a contract and encapsulated by Leaf that sold for $4,461? I was surprised to see it go that high. 

Hi Mark. The other is definitely a fake. A true JJ is getting hard to source I guess that’s why we see +4000 prices. Her signature has been undervalued for a while now. I guess that there is now a market reckoning. I live in hope! Best



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