Check out this Fake Freddie Mercury being sold on eBay UK by 0124matthewb79

Check out this Freddie Mercury being sold on eBay UK by 0124matthewb79 -

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Uhm...really bad attempt. It's fake, IMHO.
Anyway I'm browsing his objects and found a Metallica signed picture. I can tell for sure it's another fake. A terrible one. I have a IP and justice for all signed (won the Meet&Greet some years ago) and signatures are far from being similar to mine...AVOID.

EDIT #1. The seller is a total forger...try to look for MICHAEL SCHUMACHER'S autograph description
Where + When: This item was hand signed at a central London hotel last year

Schumacher had a terrible accident on December 29th, 2013!!!

And as far as I know, he's still in a very bad health conditions...

That's up there with the people who have autographed Hendrix albums that were not released until after his death.

Yes you are correct Nicole, a friend of mine in the UK asked me to post here as he saw this earlier. A terrible forgery is one of many being sold by 0124matthewb79

Schumacher is still in a coma at home and the signature being sold is awful as shown!

Attachments: No photo uploads here


Also found this seller 0124matthewb79 is also selling items the same as seller jake1992_uk as both are selling a lot of forgeries - .

Avoid both sellers!

 In most cases I do have photo proof too which can be sent via whatsapp once you've paid for your item. I am fed up of my photos been copied and used by sellers that use fake autographs  . 

I don't know how to post my writing on the top and this at the bottom but this is what seller jake1992 -uk writes about his stuff which lulls the buyer into a false sense of security.  There is a lot of fake stuff coming out of the UK at the moment unfortunately

If you want your writing to be at the top, type it first, and then cut and paste the text you want after it below your writing.  You can also put it in quotes or bold-face, so that it stands out, and makes it more clear that it is not part of your own response. 



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