Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum, but since finding it, I feel like I am starting to learn a lot. Thank you so much! I was wondering if you might be able to help me authenticate this Christopher Reeve autograph? I want to preface this by saying I have not had a reason to doubt Shawn Blanchette from "A Wrinkle in Time (AWIT)" but for piece of mind would appreciate any information that can be given. Here is what I know to this point...

I met Shawn at a one of the Creation Cons in Chicago in 2010 and asked if they had a Christopher Reeve autograph. She said she did in her personal collection and as we continued talking I asked if she was associated with the UACC and she said she used to be (don't remember if just a member or a dealer) and then we started talking about authenticating services such as PSA/DNA, JSA, etc. which she didn't seem to be a fan of due to the potential margin of error.

After the convention she contacted me with information about this autograph that she said she received in-person on May 26, 1993 at the El Capitan theater during the premiere of "Life with Mikey". I tried to do my homework but I couldn't find any information to confirm or deny. The closest I found was the premiere would've been close to that time and of course the time period was before Reeve's accident. I know this is a dumb thought, but, this information, her being a dealer at a reputable con with asking $500, my limited knowledge of his signature, and a nice frame with paper backing, double mat, etc. it seemed to be potentially authentic. I know the frame doesn't matter but my initial thought was, "Why would someone spend a decent amount of money (including Superman colors for the double mat) if it wasn't authentic?" Sorry, I know I am sounding dumb right now...

Again I am not trying to question the dealer, in fact, I have bought other items from her since but since this the center of my Superman collection I just want to get your expert opinion. Also, if in your expert opinion you believe it to be real, how do I check the mat to make sure it is acid free and verify that the glass is UV resistant. Thank you for your time and I am sorry about this extremely long-winded question.

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That makes a lot of sense because I have seen others with inscriptions that looked out of place yet the signature was fine. 

Joe, some of those same autographs are on eBay for much higher prices. I think that listing is probably outdated. The first signature can be found here:http://www.ebay.com/itm/REEVE-CHRISTOPHER-REEVE-autographed-8X10-ph...

Tom from Golden Age is a top notch dealer and those Reeve's are good.  Personally I would not spend extra for a third party to "authenticate" them.  

Does this look authentic?
Cheers as I've been conned before and wanted an authentic one this time. Would you say this is fake the colour photo
Not authentic
What about this one? Does it look authentic?
Hey guys. I'll chime in here with a recent purchase.

I bought two autographed photos of Christopher Reeve as Superman the other day at a local antique toy show. They both included certificates of authenticity (from the sellers company http://www.fastballcollectibles.com) and the seller only deals in autographs. I have seen him at these toy show for years now. I couldn't find any negative comments on his credibility and he seemed like a really honest guy. Not that it proves anything. His eBay account has 100% approval as well.

I just want to get the forums opinion on these signed photos.




Just to offer some general comments, as I don't have any specific knowledge of Reeves signature.  

- You'll hear this again and again: 100% Ebay feedback is irrelevant.  Buyers don't know they're buying a forgery when they buy it, so they tend to leave feedback based only on how quickly they get it and the condition it arrived in.  Many bad eggs on Ebay have perfect feedback.

-A COA is only as good as the person issuing it.  Tons of terrible, obvious forgeries come with COAs.  I can issue a COA - anyone can.  There is nothing legally binding about it, so the vast majority of them are garbage.

-If I was buying a Christopher Reeve that looked brand new and was a collector's dream, I would question the hell put of it.  Reeve stopped signing 20 years ago.  How many perfect, full color, Superman photos did he sign in bold Sharpie before hi injury?  Autograph collecting wasn't quite as big in 1995 and before as it is now.  Most of the authentic examples I've seen presented by forum members are lesser items - note cards, B&W promo photos etc.

-The seller seems to be all over the place with what he sells - cards, sports, movie memorabilia, etc.  This is not just an autograph dealer.  

-I'm seeing things I personally don't like on his site, namely a fake-looking autograph of U2's The Edge and a highly questionably Super Bowl QB item.

-The fact that he shows up at shows/conventions means nothing.  There is a terrible forgery seller - with some of the most obvious forgeries of huge stars past and present - that shows up at Wizard World conventions.  As I understand, some people have confronted him on his forgeries, and those people have actually been kicked out!

Well said Rich. Be very careful, feedback means nothing these days and if it looks too good to be true it almost always is

I guess the thing is only naïve people (like myself) would buy them and probably never question if they are real and wouldn't even know where to get them authenticated. So as long as he keeps selling to people who don't know that much, he stays in business. And even if they were proved to be fake. What could you really do?


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