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Sorry - tried putting my posts in the random music area but having issues. Hate doing these with a phone. I’ll stop now and wait until I get home. 

I think Chubby is worthy of his own post, he’s a legend doing it for 6 decades. 

That’s true. I agree. I still do the twist once in a while. Mainly at wedding receptions. Lol

I had to search because I knew I saw this posted at some point.. it is on the old thread back in 2017.. i started going through it a while ago to see if anything was still relevant. I saw Chubby available but didn't even think to repost.. good job making others aware.. it actually still might pay off to search the old thread for viable options today.

Thanks Jason. I tried searching first but missed the old post. Can be tricky at times. Take Care!

No problem at all. I think things like this should be reposted. I am 100% sincere that its a good idea. Anything left over from the old thread should be reposted on here in my opinion

$25 is a great price. 

I picked up one of these last year, my order fell through the cracks or something for a bit and I had to reach out to his team for help, but got it a few days afterwards. they look great. Just keep an eye open for shipping notices and contact if it seems too long.

I also had issues with my order a couple of years ago. They will make it right though if something does happen. I think it's run by him and his wife.

Going to his 8pm show tonight. Any recommendations what to look for in signed items if available 

Just saw Chubby Checker show last night.  Didnt have any items for sale.  For being 80yo, he still is going pretty good.  He did come out into the audience and did abit of the twist with quite a few members of the audience.  He didnt come out to sign anything.  A member of the staff did take items from audience for Chubby to sign.  Just had to wait abit after the show but he did sign most items.

Looks like Chicken 22 lol but that's awesome. Great looking sig for someone his age. Must have been a fun night. Good job.. this is great info for anyone else going to his show



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