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Of course that seller has "more than 10 available"

What can you do.... At least the book looks awesome. Never would imagine getting a high caliber super bowl winning QB for less than $20.

I received mine today. Signed by both. I was hoping to cut these out individually but they signed so close together. Still very lucky to have this. 

You were right, got mine today signed by both so must’ve just been how they listed it in the email. Sorry if I made people nervous!

Please let me know if there's a re-stock! I would love to have a signed copy too, even if it is just Ciara ;-) 

I saw that independent book stores might get signed copies but I am not sure about it. Will try to ask some local bookstores tomorrow if that is true!

Enjoy your signed copies, everyone :-) 


Missed it by a few minutes :-( 


Got it, thanks Andy

Missed it by a few minutes :-( 

You all are making me very jealous/envious that you were able to get a signed book! I am from Seattle so this would have made a perfect addition to my collection (but I was a few minutes too late this week)! Like I said before, enjoy your signed copies!! :-) 




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