Someone said she bought this signed Jackson 5 album in 1988 in a charity auction, along with 2 tickets for his concert that she went to and a jacket. She asked where to have it authenticated so I asked her to send it to me first to see if I think it's good.

Michael's is unusual but I think it's real. I'm not as familiar with the rest of the group but I think they're likely real too. 

What are your thoughts?

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I believe all these comparisons being shown are fake. Gotta have rock and roll is not a reliable source as many fakes are sold there. 

I’m not familiar with their signatures, but I think it looks very similar to the OP. Same forger?

Totally agree SRM

Same forger.

Again - look at any authentic Thriller album signed by Michael. He did not sign like that during this period. Bad fake.

Now compare these authentic Thrillers to the Victory album I posted and/or the OP

Hi again Steve! 

Another true example autographed in 2019 here in Brazil. From an extremely reliable person (friend). I just purchased this autographed LP and it should arrive in 2 weeks.



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