I picked up this Riddell Mini Helmet at an estate sale and it has two autographs on it. I was wondering if anyone could help me identify who's they are? I am assuming that they both belong to Browns but could be wrong. One also seems to have a number on it but it is quite faded. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Jamal Lewis I believe is the 1st one.  No clue on the 2nd one.

Second one I am 99 % sure if Andra Davis. His sig is pretty bad and the number is on the bottom left.

thank you both. I really appreciate the help

Here is my Davis auto


yeah, that looks like a match.  Thanks,

Glad it helped. A friend of mine from Ohio picked up the signed 8x10 for me because it was free with HOF admission in the mid 2000s. I had completely forgot about it for years, until going through some odds and ends 8x10s.

IMG 3824 is Davis, Andra linebacker





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