I was wondering if this Clint Eastwood autograph is real or not? It was obtained through the mail. I welcome all opinions. Thanks, Ryan

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it Looks different from the in person autographs I’ve been getting, that said please wait on others who are more familiar with his different styles of signatures 

I do not believe this is authentic

+1 agreed.

Sadly not real. Eastwood is notorious for sending secretarial autographs ttm 

Not real.

Secretarial, I should know, I purchased one of these about 18 years ago. VERY SORRY TO HAVE TO TELL YOU THIS!

did read the other opinions but wondering when you received this photo? many of these type of autographs are for sale on ebay as authentic!. 

I just received this autograph yesterday.

ok, than you received a secretarial because clint doesn't sign his fanmail for years. but the one who tryed to copy clint did his best but that is not what you wanted.

Not authentic, imo.

No way at all

Another way to look at this.  Clint Eastwood wants to reply to fans requests,  but  due to the volume,  he hired a secretary.  Perhaps,  he hired more than one secretary. These secretaries are paid by Clint Eastwood. Clint Eastwood is under no obligation to sign anything nor is he obligated to hire someone to do it for him.  When I used to write for. Autographs,  I considered anything that was sent to me as a gift.  I had the best luck with lesser known,  or older entertainers. I became pen pals with Lillian Gish and few others. 



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