Hey folks, could you give me your opinions on this one please? Cheers

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Looks like my IP.  Id say good!

Hey Steve, thanks for your input! Forgive my ignorance, what do you mean by IP?

Hello, that usually means "in person" as in obtained it personally from the celebrity. Not through the mail or from a third party. Clint Eastwood especially, had secretaries sign his fan mail so that couldn't be trusted.I believe its probably good also.


Cheers Ian! I thought as much, though with an Eastwood (I've never had one in my collection) I've always been nervous! I'm going to aim for this one but have any of you guys got notions as to who would be the best dealer to obtain an Eastwood from?

You could join RACC (Real Autograph Collectors Club) on Facebook and post that you are looking for one.Show what you want to buy here for help,suggestions.. I have several guys I buy from over there. Buy from a "trusted seller". Prices are usually a little cheaper than Ebay. Don't be afraid to barter!Good luck!

It is very good to have sellers come to you. 

looks good to me


Cheers guys for all your input. I'm looking for an 8x10 or larger from the good the bad and the ugly if anyone has one that they're willing to part with? I'll put a post in the buy/sell/trade section anyway.
I'm going to Spain next week and I'm going to visit Sad hill cemetery and it got me thinking: why don't I have an Eastwood in my collection?!


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