Can you believe these guys have the NERVE to post a Babe Ruth signed baseball WITH A F***ING INSCRIPTION OF 10/1/1932 ( THE DAY HE CALLED HIS SHOT).  They always have the craziest inscriptions.  Can you imagine what this ball would be worth if it were authentic.  100,000 dollars?   

I've seen their crap for years ( Bonnie and Clyde on more than one instance. 

I've seen a Thomas Jefferson inscribed with Third United States President

I've seen it all....and i'm fed up

How in the name of God are they getting away with this fraud each and every month?  There is no question they have scammed in the 10's of millions of dollars since their inception.  Hell, maybe more than 10 or 20 million.  At any rate, can someone explain why isn't law enforcement involved?  It seems unreal that the authorities wouldn't get involved.


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Dan I would think they have been reported hundreds if not thousands of times to various officials. Its hard to imagine they are still getting away with this.

Coach's Corner Auctions has been selling this crap for over twenty years.....

I did over 200 YouTube videos on Coach's Corner Auctions..........

And yet they are still in business............

They (Scott Malack & Lee Trythall) will continue to sell their 15-20 Babe Ruth forgeries month after month.........

I haven't been following them but for a few years.  So you are telling me that have put thousands and thousands of fake Ruth autographs in the market place?  This is unreal. 

For the life of me, I don't get how these people aren't in federal prison.  

the feds may be getting a piece of the pie to leave CC alone. Wouldnt surprise me

Literally speaking, yes, they (Coach's Corner Auctions) have sold thousands of Babe Ruth forgeries.

Christopher -

I wish you would do those videos again... I love them.  very very informative!!

thanks for all the hard work!


Thank you, Mark.

One day I am going to start again.

And I am going to start with...........

So  this is the face of one Scott Malack....the man who ripped off millions of dollars by peddling forgeries.   I see where he brags about his cars and women.  These people have no conscience at all.  

Well I just hope his favorite car is better than her. For one thing, I like my twins real a la Katy Perry style. But that's just me. She's all right though. But for the money...

She's a lot better than alright, that's a frickin model! These are the quality of females they fund with the forgeries they have been creating and selling for decades now. Scott is such a gentleman for referring to them as 'sperm depositories' 

Stay classy Scott.

What does she model? Sandals? Too much fakeness all-around for me. That girl looks like she used to be a brunette with a-cup boobs and pencil thin lips



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