Hope this is allowed and hopefully it will alleviate too many posts in the other thread. Also, I have an extra Coldplay to trade for a signed Elton. 

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Afraid I haven't got a spare Elton (although my wife is going to keep trying to see if we can) but if anyone has a spare Coldplay to sell, please let me know. if it helps, I was the OP for the Elton deal :) 

i ordered extra COLDPLAYS and would do 1 COLDPLAY for 1 ELTON

By the looks of the trade value from looking on eBay your looking at 3 coldplays to 1 Elton to make it fair to both traders 

elton selling for up to £100 and Coldplay no where near and I suspect that’s because people waiting for the uk drop from the uk artist 

it’s great that people are trading really is 

I'm going to close this thread. While I kind of let yesterday's situation go based on circumstances (major UK release combined with major US release), a few of these threads have just strayed a bit too far away from the original intent of the forum.


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