I'm new and looking to learn. I enjoy sports autographs.

I am concerned about purchasing quality merchandise.

Too many CoA providers have similar names... very confusing. 

Can you please rate your comfort level (1 to 10... 10 being best) with these three...

Authenticated Ink


Showtime Memorabilia

Thanks so much!



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The three you'l mentioned are fairly poor. I have not found PAAS to be particularly good, nor will you find many other people on this forum who hold them in high regard. Showtime and Authenticated Ink have been discussed here and are decidedly not good firms. There are many good places to buy sports items, and many safe avenues. These three are not among them.



If one is going to place weight on bits of paper there are better bits of paper to place weight on, IMO.

Regarding P.A.A.S., just now I saw an Autopen with P.A.A.S. certification FWIW.


This has been a big help.

Tricky people out there. Darn shame.

study and learn the autograph you are looking to buy.  the piece of paper is worthless.




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