Completely Different (in search of superstar autographs)

We all know the biggest stars and chasing high prices. They were all no names back in the day . 


Let's focus on the up and comer's of today.

WHO do you think the nobody's of today are going to be the superstars of tomorrow? 

And more specifically .... Who's autographs do you think will be saught after in the years to come? 

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No one my guess would be because collecting graphs isn't just for fans anymore. With the internet artist take advantage of that by signing items in their stores , you have pro graphers to contend with also. Just stamps these days!

That's an interesting take and one I never considered. 

Maybe I'm too old to see the modern mentality

But.... For us old buggers.... It's still fun to pick out the prospects of fame

One of my picks is Mookie Betts.... Or is it too late hehe

How about some great band we see in a bar? 

Maybe that little chick on American idol who completely rocks better than Janis Joplin.

How bout that little 10yr old football or Soccer or Basketball or hockey player that is playing in your neighborhood 

This is more what I'm focusing on

Or maybe it's someone who has already had a touch of success but not in the full blown manner

This is meant to be a search for the stars kinda thread

There's this band called Starcrawler which seem to have a bit of a following and i hate to say the women in the band looks under feed. 

Well that's what I'm thinking of 

If she's underfed now, then maybe a bit of fame will fill her bones. Or maybe kill her like Joplin and Cobain? We never know.

But for sure there will be autographs of today that we can have for free or cheap that will be worth large later on

Gretta Van Fleet is an upcoming Band, IMO. Sound a lot like Led Zeppelin! If your not familiar with them, look them up on YouTube. You will definitely enjoy listening to them.

Yes I am familiar with that very talented band

Hopefully they can carve out a great career and maybe break away from sounding so much like Zeppelin

Would be worth gathering their autographs I would think

Foxy Shazam will be one of the bands that people will find one day and realize that they missed a huge band. LoL

I reckon Iggy and the Stooges graphs will bounce one day not exactly a new band.

I have to say I'm more than surprised at Iggy's value

He's basically cheap as chips but he really is the godfather of punk. And IMO far more talented than the Ramones or any other from that period  

I was perdy darn sure this thread would have attracted more attention ... 

Maybe folks just like what's already proven blue chip stocks and don't like IPA type celebs. 

Just a guess




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