Could this Alleged Mickey Mantle Auto Be the Deal of the Year? Opinions Please !

aI couldn’t pass up an opportunity to potentially grab a Mantle auto for $25 so again, i went fishing on my local OfferUp App and found this alleged Mickey Mantle autograph, which was signed on what appeared to be a page from a baseball program from the 1960’s. No paperwork, provenance, or COA to be found, but the seller stated his dad had picked it up at a card show in the late 80’s (I don’t think this counts as provenance) Looks decent to me, but there’s just something off about it that i can’t put my finger on. Hoping you veterans can clear things up, and if you do feel it is a fake, I always appreciate a short lesson in your methods in identifying a forgery, especially one as common as Mr Mantle’s signature.   Many thanks in advance! 


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It looks slowly drawn, not signed.  I’m no expert so see what others say.  But if a non-expert would avoid it...

 It's a fake forgery because it is. An E4G (erratic 4th grader) could tell it's a fake the second they lay eyes on it, IMHO. The guys name was Mickey Mantle, not Shakey Shantle

This is clearly a fake and once again comes complete with a BS story from a seller who knows it is fake.



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