Crosby, Stills, and Nash self titled album, real or forged autographs?

Very happy to find this site, hopefully I can finally get a good handle on the legitimacy of this. I found this album a number of years ago and almost passed because the jacket is split and taped. However I opened it to find these autographs and bought it for .50c. I’ve never thought these were authentic based on limited research. To some degree it seems like a different hand was used on each signature which is why I don’t have resolve. Are my suspicions that this is a forge correct, or am I being a pessimist? I honestly don’t know what the long inscription says, or who it is intended to portray. Thank you! 

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Their signatures look nothing like the ones I've seen before.  Maybe someone has some '71 exemplars to compare. Highly doubtful. 

Yes. Aside from that, the thing I always noticed was the capital T in "To Frank" looks the same in the far left inscription and in the supposed David Crosby autograph. Thanks for your reply. I wasnt sure if maybe there's some variation due to the band members level of intoxication they were experiencing probably most of the time in '71 haha. But it's always seemed inauthentic to me.

these are way off

i agree



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