I believe this dealer is good but it's been a long time. Have anyone done business with this seller lately? Thank-you.

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 Tom and Cordelia Platt were not only top notch dealers but two of the nicest people you ever met in the industry.   Unfortunately both  Tom and Cordelia both passed away.  Tom Platt's son is selling the remainder of their collection.  Not sure how much is left , but his son is also a great guy to deal with. 

How do you get in touch with the son? Thanks.

I know this is an old thread but I just bought an item from these guys and can attest to the comments here. TOP NOTCH people. One of the best I've come across on eBay.

Sold me 1400$ fake crap (top notch my a** !)

He should do the honorable thing and refund me or I will notify law enforcement.

Parents were clearly great; son may be a good guy too, but he doesn’t seem to know autographs at all.  COA from the son not reliable.

Ignores when you aske for refund , his parents sold me junk.....avoid at all costs !!!

Yes, I purchased a Chuck Connors Autographed Color photo from them years ago. I seen the same one on Ebay a while back and it was signed the same. I am no expert, but too me it looks like some kind of stamp signature. I tried to get the son to honor his parents refund policy, but it was just a waste of time. He would do nothing! I will just shred it up and take the loss. The scary thing was the one I mentioned earlier was authenticated by JSA. I agree STAY AWAY.


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