sorry if I'm flooding the board. I've never posted here before. 

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Terrible forgeries!!!

That looks like a terrible forgery that Mercari user Beatlesmostly has on sale on that website. I messaged him directly telling him the Beatles autographs are fake and then of course he blocked me

 You state "I think at the end of the day if the person spending the money believes it to be real then that's all that really matters. "  Any forger would be DELIGHTED to hear that.

" Any forger would be DELIGHTED to hear that." Considering autograph authentication is a pseudoscience I will tend to agree with you.  

YUP! youre right and you guys helped me out in spades. In the sellers defense I really don't know if hes aware or IS aware cause he was burned. 

Joe, I'll throw in a couple more thoughts. 

1. I don't think I've ever seen a set in which two Beatles wrote "Beatles" (or "the Beatles").

2. You should easily be able to identify who wrote "Beatles"/"the Beatles".

Here, neither applies, which is another bad sign.

Look at Tracks' website ( and Frank Caiazzo's website ( for listings of full and partial sets, and you'll get a much better feel for how sets should look. Start with 1963 (preferably mid-1963) sets; the 1960-62 era are too advanced because there is so much variation, and to an untrained eye, they make look fake when they're not.



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