this is tonight at 730 eastern time and may be worth tuning in to, sounds like they might have some new stuff and good prices anyway. I heard mostly Country names but some big names nonetheless,Cyber%20Mu...

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Where is this? Is it a radio, is it a website?

Click the link, it is a website and they have had some really good stuff lately

the link is just for this show but you should check out the whole site if you haven't. 

Wonder what country artists they having it’s not long worth staying up for 

It mentioned a few in the video. Chris Stapleton, Luke Bryan, Kristen Chenoweth, a few others I recognized... and some rock musicians as well.

Nice thanks man I will check it out 

Yeah I also heard Carrie Underwoods Christmas album as well

Yeah, that was pretty underwhelming in my opinion, the prices on the Rock stuff was the same as it previously even though they made it sound like there were big deals happening, and the only Country I would have been interested in was bundled with a bunch of stuff I didn't want. oh well, i was thinking i was going to spend a ton and spent 0 so I guess that's a win lol

I purchased bundle one and it charged me twice gotta wait for them to sort a refund for one even though I got no confirmation for the other but my statement says it paid :( 

must of glitches out and Eric chemirch was sold out before it started 

That's funny because I saw you in the comments quite a bit along with that one yahoo who kept posting negative comment after negative comment. Which probably happened because for me at least there wasn't even a box to post. So the same guy kept posting all his crap.

Yeah they charged me twice still trying to get my money back right pain in the backside man I only wanted the Luke cd I have Lauren and scotty already lol

you should mention it to that Talkshoplive dude who's been chatting with everyone over in that Kiss thread, maybe he can help, and he seems to be answering everyone's questions



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