this is tonight at 730 eastern time and may be worth tuning in to, sounds like they might have some new stuff and good prices anyway. I heard mostly Country names but some big names nonetheless,Cyber%20Mu...

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I ordered it too but haven’t opened those too as was same as yours. Did order a Scotty signed before and it came with separate signed art card. Inquiring minds want to know. 

Yeah I might write them first unless someone else has opened there's already and knows because I really wanted to leave them sealed

I noticed that also I can’t check till my buddy ships out after Xmas 

I ordered scotty from his store before and it was signed you can see it on the sleeve so I’m guessing this one is inside I don’t know :(

I only purchased for Luke Bryan Really 

I opened Connies and the booklet is signed.

Ok, cool thanks, I'll open them then, I just didn't want to if they weren't, and then they wouldn't want to take them back because they were open. I do really wish they wouldn't put them on the inside though. not really collector-friendly that way

I didn't open the Scotty one. The person at TSL didn't know about that one and was supposed to get back with me but hasn't so far. This is all a gift for my wife so I didn't want to have to open anything either.

Yeah well, I'm the dumba$$ that let the curiosity get the best of me lol, you were right about the Connie and it's a beautiful full signature so I just had to open the Scotty and not a damn thing inside. I guess at least I don't have to wonder now lol. Talkshoplive started out strong but this is 3 orders in a row now that have been less than perfect.

Four in a row for me. That's not even including the Kiss which I am not complaining about but they were not as advertised.

Yeah, I felt like people were kind of being rough of Steve since he was in the forum chatting with us but since this keeps happening they can't expect us to just keep quiet and be ok with not getting what we paid for just because they are a new company working out the kinks. I just wrote them on the Scotty one so I will see what they say but it seems like they sent it unsigned to us all so it was no mistake.

Lol. I kind of thought a lot were just telling him what he wanted to hear. He ignored my comments about the Krieger book autopens which would have been cool if he at least addressed.

I would like to just order things and get what I was told. I have two paypal claims (Sixx AM & Elton John) in progress and now this to sort out. Gets old.

I hear you, between dealing with the false advertising, Autopens, Canceled and delayed orders, fighting for refunds and claims, and all the other aggravations that come with the hobby these days I sometimes wonder if it is even worth it anymore. I actually made up my mind that I was done with it a year or so ago but I was lying to myself. once you're addicted to this there is no leaving lol 

Still waiting on a response from TSL on my Densmore book…they sent an unsigned copy instead of signed.

Raised the issue under Kiss thread and Steve responded that it would be addressed. 

Emailed with their customer service who wanted photos which I sent. Still waiting to see how they will fix, had to email again today. 

Hate to hear of the ongoing issues as they have had some cool stuff but hopefully just some quality control issues that can be sorted. 


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