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I was told that there was a Dale Earnhardt Sr. signed tire on Pawn Stars last night.  And that drew Max was called in to authenticate it. 

Does anyone have a video link or image of the segment? 

I'm quite sure that Drew is not fluent in NASCAR autographs.  I can't make a comment about the autograph until I see it though.

If you have an image or video, please post it here.



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Did you do a Dale Earnhardt signature study for Autograph Magazine? If you did, let's publish it in full for everyone to use. If not, let's do one ASAP! LMK...thanks.

Steve, there was one submitted close to the time that the website went live, I will work on one this week when I return home. The signature above is not only formed wrong, it is also slowly written almost as if it was traced. The letters and loops are also majorly atypical. There is a lot of pressure going on in that signature also.


I just came across this sight through Google looking for information on my autographs that Dale Sr. signed during autograph sessions back around 1996-1998 in Kansas City suburb. One year, he signed an autograph card that they used and the next  year I took my race Dale Sr. tire.  I saw the PS episode and that didn't help me as far as how much my Dale Sr. autographs may be worth.  But then I saw this thread about his autographs and wanted to post my images. I saw this old post and put in my 2 cents worth. :)



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Have you posted the images? I'm using my iPhone right now, so I may not see the whole thread.

Yes, I have put on three pictures.  Thanks. Brad

Ok, I see them...As you know, it is 100% authentic...the currnt price on these tires is as low as $200 and as high as $1200.  The prices on these are all over the place.  You really have to hit the right buyer.

I see the "book" value as $500-$800.


Thanks for the information and response.  I have a whole bunch of other driver's on autograph cards or pages out of programs I have collected through the years including the Labonte Brothers, Steve Park, Mark Martin, Harry Gant, Richard Petty, Carle Edwards, Matt Kenseth to name a few.  Now, some are when they were in Busch series or as in Carl's place truck series.  Does it matter collectibility wise?   I also have Adam Petty and a Busch driver Blaise Alexander that as you know are deceased.  also  They are all held in poster frames.  Again, thanks for the information and this was a great sight to stumble upon.  :)


I just watch the Pawn Stars episode with the Dale Earnhardt tire tonight (3/9/13). The autographed tire is 100% identical to the tire I had autographed which I physically stood next to Earnhardt when he signed it. I have so many items of his autographed and the are not an exact match of each other. It depended on what he was doing at the time. I would always get them in his pit before the race.

I have a question about a Dale sr. and jr signed rear quarter panel can you assist me or who should I contact

How’s this tire look?


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