I was told that there was a Dale Earnhardt Sr. signed tire on Pawn Stars last night.  And that drew Max was called in to authenticate it. 

Does anyone have a video link or image of the segment? 

I'm quite sure that Drew is not fluent in NASCAR autographs.  I can't make a comment about the autograph until I see it though.

If you have an image or video, please post it here.



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Sorry Harry but i definetly have to go with Brandon here. First the man is to the best of my knowledge, and someone can correct me if im wrong, the bets nascar authenticator in the world right now. Not diminishing your opinion at all, but Brandon has probably seen more examples of Dale than me and you can ever even imagine. Im sure he does make mistakes, but this subject has been discussed on here before about the signed tires. I found it super interesting and their was some cool sigs posted their you might want to look at. But i remember Brandon telling how he would pick up these tires all the time and they would fly off the shelves so their really would never be a purpose to take pictures of all the tires.

But i recently was in the marker for a signed Dale Sr. item and kept just seeing scams on ebay. I finally was able to hook up with Brandon and got a real one. Since then i have studied his autograph hard and when i saw the pawn stars episode i too thought it was good. The style and flow are spot on and the formation is perfect. Ive probably looked at 50 signed tire images in the last year and so im getting better at spotting fakes and this one in my opinion is definetly real. But thats just my opinion though. Ill try and post some of the tire pics i found that i compared too.


As stated, I have my own exemplars already posted on the site. If I wasn't traveling this week I would post more. The important fact is that I focus on the signature. Not who authenticated it. It doesn't matter who appraised it if the signature is real.

As I stated, feel free to post your own examples. I would love to see what you have!

I will always post any authentic signatures that help people understand the autograph we are talking about. I have item images from the hall of fame that I will post later too.

It doesn't matter where the examples come from as long as they are authentic!

Harry, you seriously don't understand the relation of the examples shown?  We are looking at the actual signature. Not what it is signed on.  at least not at this point.

No, I didn't take images of the tire signatures that we bought from DEI in the mid to late 1990s. Remember those pre-digital camera, pre-eBay days? Wesold those tires as fast as we could get them. 

This tire that Drew failed is a typical signed Dale Earnhardt Sr signature that was common on these tires.

If you are only used to a certain Dale Sr. signature, it can be shocking to see how varied and even flair-ish his signature can be.

Look at this video ( The .43 second mark )


Here is another tire that is signed. It's importance is the Dale portion of the signature...The same as the firesuit that is shown in the video above.

Too bad.  It's a GORGEOUS signature!

The tire is from the Save-Mart road coarse race.

The tires were sold pre-signed at DEI and Dale sr's Chevy dealership in welcome, NC.  Some people would take Uhaul trucks there to pick up as many as they could.Usually, we had the tires we picked-up pre-sold when we got them. I can't ever remember having to hold one for any length of time.

As with Die-cast cars that were sent to him. Dale always signed tires and firesuits as nice as possible. He understood that these items would end up being major display items.

Again, A classic Dale Sr autograph on a firesuit.  At the least, this firesuit is a $10,000.00 item

Feel free to post your Earnhardt examples. 

Trust me though, I'm not trying to convince you. I'm glad you have your opinions.

Have fun on the site!

Here is the image of the Firesuit's autograph ( which is a nice match to the tire )

And here is an auction for a signed tire 


( this signature was signed quicker than the one on Pawn stars..plus it was signed with a large tip paint marker )  The angles of the loops and formations of the A in E(A)rnh(A)rdt are a perfect comparison.

Here is the image of the tire on Pawn stars:

The keys are the E, and the a's in EARNHARDT....The Dale portion of the signature is a perfect example of a normal speed signed signature by Dale ( when he was wanting to sign the item perfectly )

remember, The tire is NOT flat, nor is it rough like a firesuit. So, you have to look at the smaller letter formations.

If the seller is out there, CONTACT ME! someone iwithin NASCAR is already offering the $ that you are looking for.

Well, I'm headed to Daytona ( to get new 2012 items signed ) so, I will be slow in replying....Everyone should feel free to post examples of their own.

Here are the images from Pawn Stars:

This photo surprised and upset me, because Drew Max is touching the autograph on the tire, which could wear, discolor or damage it over time. I don't understand why he doesn't know better than that.

I agree, BTW, that the signature on the tire compares favorably to other Dale Earnhardt autographs I've seen. I'd be surprised if it wasn't good, but I'll leave the experts to battle that out.

That's a valid point Steve....although unlikely, it could rub off. Dale signed this with a very fine tip paint pen. The gold paint from these pens doesn't absorb into the tire like the broader silver paint markers do. The gold paint is usually raised enough to feel with your finger. Thus, it can screatch off. 

The flow is beautiful. Especially the flow and letter formation in the Earnhardt part.  Dale made very unique a's in his last name and this signature showcases them perfectly. The nice deliberate but smooth flow shows he took his time. 

I had a little time and a couple of other examples that I wantred to show ( even though they aren't signed tires )

1st. The Pawn Stars tire:

Here is a VERY nice rear quarter panel signed in silver paint ( PSA authenticated ):

Here is a mid 1980's Hero Card signed with the distinctive # sign that Dale used.

Like many autograph collectors I enjoy watching Pawn Stars.  When it comes to authenticating I like to look at as many examples as possible, and we typically do not see this on Pawn Stars, or Antiques Roadshow for that matter.  A great source of authentic exemplars can be found in public records.  Here is a public document with Mr. Earnhardt's full signature.





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