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All sold out.

Yeah I looked and there were 19 left and 2 minutes later they were gone. it didn't say a limit when I bought mine so I'm thinking someone bought a bunch since they went that fast.  

I lucked out and got one this time around. If someone bought a bunch, I bet Newbury will cancel, so there may be another restock coming. It says '2 per person' when I clicked the LP link and it said the same thing for the CD option.

Still going to be out of stock

You called it 

Yes, when I bought one the limit of 2 wasn't there and I see they are back in stock with it so I bet someone did buy a bunch and get cancelled.

If someone gets an extra, please let me know.  I have clicked through each time I get a notification from you guys but I have now missed (3) times...its gone before I can get there.

Back in stock @ Newbury Shannon !

looks like only 4 left, must be a canceled order

Out of stock



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