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It got to the Netherlands in 8 days. So the US part went rather quick.
Maybe because it's my 3rd order from newbury, it it got flagged to be opened and checked, but 21 days is way too long. I just hope it will get here in good state and soon.

Customs is crazy busy right now. They had difficulty getting packages through in time ever since the 22 euro threshold was removed and now they also have to deal with the shopping season during COVID.

Thanks for confirming, then I know it's not just me :)

After a month plus in customs I received my cd today. And despite the packing and the long way it got here in good condition. I'm just a bit disappointed as the pen is not that strong (still not as bad as other faded autographs I see here).

The restocks were much better in a gold pen much better contrast ,my original order with a silver signature wasnt too strong the pen was running out ,but still nice to have


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